1:1 Online Breathwork Gift Certificate

Breathwork is used to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During this session we will intentionally change your breathing pattern to be full bodied. Every one experiences the benefits of breathwork differently, you may feel relief in your body/physically, mind/emotions, and/or spirit. You may feel all of it, some of it, or just have a really relaxing experience that brings you a sense of calm. I look forward to the honor and privilege of being your facilitator!

1:1 Coaching - 3 Month Package (Pay-in-Full)

Save $300 when you pay-in-full for a 3 month coaching package.
What you get:
2 1:1 Coaching sessions per month
1 Private Breathwork Session
Free Access to Monthly Group Breathwork
Ongoing support and communication via Voxer

Over a three month period, we'll delve into a topic where you are looking to achieve clarity around a goal or resolving an issue. Sessions consecutively build upon each other leading to deeper understanding into your life vision, goals as well as overcoming unhelpful beliefs in order to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible! Additionally, you’ll have direct access to message me in between sessions anytime you want to ask a question, share a success, or provide an update on progress toward issue resolution or goal accomplishments!